Wisdom Teeth Removal in Berwyn, IL

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Berwyn, IL

Wisdom tooth extractions involve entirely removing one or more of your wisdom teeth from the mouth. They begin to emerge in early adulthood and grow over the years. If you do not have sufficient space in your mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt through the gums entirely, they can cause pain, inflammation, discomfort, swelling, and even infection. In due course, the wisdom teeth may partially come up through the gums and get impacted, or they can affect neighboring teeth if not removed. At 34th Street Dental Care, we perform comfortable wisdom tooth extractions and give you a stress-free experience.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to come up in the mouth. They grow at the very back of your oral cavity to the point where the jaw hinges join together. Wisdom teeth will generally grow out of the gums between the age of seventeen and twenty-five.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some of the vital benefits of wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Prevent Damage to Surrounding Teeth

The pressure of the wisdom teeth can deteriorate the roots of neighboring teeth or decline the enamel structure, making them predisposed to tooth decay and bone loss. Additionally, wisdom teeth can be pretty tricky to clean because of their location.

  • Lowers Risk of Inflammations and Oral Disease 

Impacted wisdom teeth can shoot up the risk of oral cavities and gum disease. As a result, the gums can become inflamed and swollen, which can be very difficult to treat. Gum infections can affect nerves or enter the bloodstream disturbing your overall health.

  • Minimize Orthodontic Issues

When wisdom teeth erupt, they can lead to overcrowding of teeth and harm the adjoining structures. Due to insufficient space, the wisdom teeth can lead to alignment issues as they push the rest of the teeth out of the way. Thus, extracting your wisdom teeth will reduce the need for braces or other expensive teeth alignment treatments. 

  • Stop Orofacial Pain

Wisdom tooth extraction will reduce facial pressure, ease gum sensitivity, and relieve tooth pain. And as a result, you can enjoy an improved quality of life with fewer diet restrictions. 

  • Prevent Cysts, Tumors, and Jawbone Damage

Impacted wisdom teeth can trap harmful bacteria and may cause cysts or tumors. These bacteria may attack the jawbone leading to severe pain in your temporomandibular joint, requiring treatment from a TMJ specialist.

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