Locator Overdentures in Berwyn, IL

Locator Overdentures in Berwyn, IL

Overdentures are complete dentures that are held in place by dental implants. The dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, and overdentures can be snapped onto the implants. Patients that have enough bone left in their jaw and are interested in implant-supported dentures are good candidates for this procedure.

Locator overdentures

The locator overdenture is a permanent two-piece implant solution that includes the Locator Attachment System in narrow or standard ridge diameters.

Locator overdentures are dentures that are secured to dental implants. Locator overdentures use locator attachments that are fixed to the implant bridge and clip into the denture. Locator attachments are more secure than ball attachments. Compared to other attachments, locator attachments are more resilient. In a locator overdenture, the locator attachment doesn’t even touch the denture. Instead, the locator attachment rests between the implants and the denture.

Most patients that opt for overdentures are doing so because they are missing most or all of their teeth. The overdentures are more comfortable and stable compared to traditional dentures.

Patients that choose overdentures enjoy the following benefits:

  • Implants help to keep the dentures in place.
  • The dentures do not move or slip.
  • Patients are able to eat and chew a variety of foods.
  • Normal speech is possible.
  • Implants help to preserve the jawbone.

Advantages and disadvantages of overdentures

Overdentures are one of the most common options for replacing missing teeth. Prosthetic teeth are attached to a base that is custom shaped to fit snuggly around your gums. The base attaches to your natural teeth, which remain in your mouth. The prosthetic teeth snap into place on the permanent base.

This treatment method has several advantages, including the following:

  • Restoring your ability to eat and speak clearly
  • Restoring your facial appearance
  • Preserving the health of your remaining teeth
  • Restoring symmetry to your smile

What do locator overdentures consist of?

A typical overdenture consists of 2 parts:

  • The denture base (a pink base that has prosthetic teeth embedded in it). This denture part looks like a full set of teeth.
  • The locator denture (a pink base that has 2 to 4 metal ball attachments attached to it). This denture part looks like a small gumball.

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