Frenectomy in Berwyn, IL

Frenectomy in Berwyn, IL

A frenectomy is a type of dental surgery that is performed on the top lip or tongue. A frenectomy involves the removal of a frenulum. A frenulum is a small piece of tissue that normally connects your upper lip to your gum tissue. A frenulum can sometimes be abnormally large, which can cause discomfort.

When is frenectomy recommended?

A frenectomy is a procedure that removes or shortens the frenum, a piece of tissue that connects the lips to the gums. A frenectomy is recommended when breastfeeding, speech or swallowing problems are a concern, or if the child has a habit of pulling on his or her ears.

Sometimes, a frenectomy is performed for orthodontic purposes or for aesthetic purposes, such as to improve the appearance of the smile. Your frenulum may interfere with your speech or with your ability to eat. It can also interfere with your appearance. A frenectomy is typically a very quick procedure that involves removing part of the frenulum.

Who is a candidate for a frenectomy?

Certain children are candidates for frenectomies, including:

  • Children with congenital lip and/or tongue ties.
  • Children with tongue ties that restrict their ability to breastfeed.
  • Children with tongue ties that restrict their ability to talk.
  • Children with mouth-breathing problems.
  • Children with lip-ties that restrict their ability to smile or speak.
  • Children with lip-ties that restrict their ability to breathe properly.

What are the different types of frenectomies?

There are two types of frenectomy procedure: a surgical frenectomy and a laser frenectomy. A surgical frenectomy involves cutting the frenum with the laser or scalpel. A laser frenectomy is performed with a laser, which removes the frenum with heat.

Surgical frenectomy

A surgical frenectomy is a surgical procedure performed to either shorten or lengthen the frenum in order to correct the spacing between the upper and lower teeth and promote proper function.

Laser frenectomy

A laser frenectomy is a simple procedure that is performed to shorten a frenum which is found under the tongue (under the frenulum) and under the lips (under the labial frenum).

When a frenum is too short or thick, it can prevent the teeth from coming together properly, leading to an improper bite, speech problems, and dental challenges. A laser frenectomy is a quick, easy, and virtually painless procedure that can be performed in our dental office.

What are the advantages of a frenectomy?

A frenectomy removes restrictive tissue from the inside of the mouth or lip. This improves your ability to eat, drink, and speak.

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