Digital X-Rays in Berwyn, IL

Digital X-Rays in Berwyn, IL

Digital X-rays are radiographs that have been digitally captured and displayed on a computer. These images have a high visual quality. It is easier on the eyes than dental films, so you can see more detail.

Digital X-rays use 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays. They also require no chemical processing, so there is no waste. Plus, they can be easily added to a patient’s chart and shared with others.

A digital radiography system allows instant viewing of your dental images on a computer system or operative TV screen at a higher resolution. Moreover, they use less radiation than their counterparts, thus a safe way to carry out an X-ray and diagnose the problem. The concept of digital imaging goes beyond merely adding efficiencies to the dental imaging process. The latest technology allows us to capture images and use them in ways that were otherwise impossible with traditional films. 

Digital X-rays have a variety of uses, including:

  • Evaluating the sinus area for signs of infection and inflammation
  • Determining if your jaw is properly aligned
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your treatment
  • Diagnosing oral problems, such as abscesses and cysts

What are the Benefits of Digital X-rays?

  • Faster Processing Time

When compared to traditional X-rays, digital X-rays allow faster processing time. The images are produced and ready to view instantly, thus making the consultation period shorter than expected. You do not have to wait for long to get the results of the X-ray. The introduction of digital X-rays has enhanced productivity for both patients and dentists.

  • Better Image Quality

Precise dental imaging is essential to make a proper diagnosis of the problem and provide the best treatment. Digital X-rays offer higher image quality than traditional films, thus allowing us to focus on irregularities and even tiny fractures otherwise missed in a conventional X-ray. Digital radiography machines use special software that electronically manipulates images for improved definition.

  • Fewer Resources

There is no need for chemical developers when it comes to digital X-rays. They require a one-time investment for purchasing the needed equipment. As the results of the X-ray appear directly on the computer screen, it allows quick image sharing. The use of digital X-rays also makes it easier for us to maintain your records. Less paper also means lesser harm to the environment.

  • Higher Quality Care

As stated, digital X-rays and radiographs eliminate the exposure of your body to radiation by 75 percent. It means that it is a safe approach for people of all ages. As the results of the X-rays obtained are precise, you do not have to go through X-rays repeatedly.

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