Digital Cephalometric X-Rays in Berwyn, IL

Digital Cephalometric X-Rays in Berwyn, IL

Digital cephalometric x-rays are x-rays that use special imaging technology to show the full skull and oral structure and what lies inside it. This includes the nasal passageways, sinuses, and airways, as well as the teeth and the upper and lower jaw.

These imaging technologies allow us to:

  • Evaluate if orthodontic treatment is required
  • Assess the improvement of orthodontic treatment
  • Assess the jaw joint to detect issues and plan suitable treatments
  • Evaluate any dental or facial trauma 
  • Plan the best treatments that meet the patient's needs and smile goals

Why is a cephalometric X-ray necessary?

A cephalometric X-ray provides the dentist with a full view of the patient's skull and mouth, including the jaws, teeth, nasal cavity, and sinuses.

This x-ray is considered an intraoral or extraoral film. The intraoral film is typically used for dental diagnosis, while the extraoral film is used to evaluate sinus problems.

What are the benefits of a digital cephalometric X-ray?

Digital X-rays provide several benefits over traditional film X-rays. Digital cephalometric X-rays are more efficient than traditional X-rays, allowing your doctor to quickly view your dental anatomy and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. There is no developing time required. The images are available almost immediately, and they can also be enhanced and enlarged, making it possible to see fine details. In addition, the digital sensors that we use are 90% smaller than film, and radiation exposure is reduced up to 80%.

The other benefits include the following:

  • Allows the dentist to have a complete view of the patient's jaws, mouth, and side profile.
  • Captures the views of the jaw relating to the cheekbones.
  • Allows measuring the teeth easily to make better treatment planning.
  • Helps in the accurate diagnosis of teeth and jawbone injuries. 
  • Provides more details about the cause of bad bites in patients.
  • Images are magnified up to 30% to enable better and easier viewing.

What are the different types of digital cephalometric x-rays?

In a dental practice, there are usually two types of digital cephalometric x-rays. One type captures images of the patient's teeth, and the other one captures images of the patient's jaw. Images of the patient's teeth are usually taken first, allowing the dentist to look at the patient's entire dental structure.

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