Dental Technology in Berwyn, IL

Dental Technology in Berwyn, IL

34th Street Dental focuses on utilizing advanced dental technology to deliver comfortable treatments. We provide the utmost care for our patients and help them achieve healthy and vibrant oral health with efficient technologies. Most dental technologies involve using digital systems or lasers that are more precise, decrease recovery times, and enhance patient comfort and safety.

Importance of Dental Technology

With the latest developments in dental technology, oral health issues can be diagnosed and addressed promptly. The solutions for oral health are more encouraging than they have been before. Dental professionals can use technology to cure oral health problems in half-the time and aid in quick recovery. In addition, patients can have their procedures performed on time. Moreover, dental treatments have become less painful with more precise diagnoses and sedation options.

Here are a few of the advanced technologies we use in our office.

  • CBCT Scanner

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a state–of–art X-ray technology that assesses the oral structures more comprehensively and produces detailed images of the bone around the teeth, soft tissues, and nerve positions. The machine allows dental professionals to capture around six hundred images in a minute of your jaw and mouth which can then be converted into three-dimensional images. Images taken with cone beam CT scans allow for more accurate treatment planning.

  • Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera will help evaluate every aspect of your teeth and mouth with precision, detecting plaque accumulations, cavities, cracked teeth, declined fillings, and excessive wear. When we can identify oral problems in their initial stages, your treatment can be much less invasive and more cost-effective.

An intraoral camera is the size of a small mirror used during your regular dental appointments. The images captured will be displayed on a computer screen, allowing you to see everything. This advanced tool will help you understand your oral concerns better, making it easier to make informed decisions with regard to your oral health. 

  • Digital X-Rays

Our practice uses superior digital X-Ray technology to provide you with convenient and safe treatment options available. Digital X-rays offer several perfect imaging options to save time, provide more explicit dental images, and expose patients to minimal radiation than conventional X-ray technology.

Benefits of Dental Technology

  • They offer more precise and comfortable treatments
  • Less exposure to harmful radiation
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Quick recovery
  • They improve patients' understanding of oral health.

Our practice is focused on making your dental visits as pleasant as possible.
If you want to see for yourself the benefits of advanced dental technology, visit our office or call 34th Street Dental Care at 708-484-6576 to schedule your consultation with our dentists to learn more about our dental treatments.


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